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Do you need to deliver training or inductions remotely?  We have a full capability software system AND we set everything up for you.

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Click on the image and complete this short induction to see what your trainees could be using, 24hrs from now. No private information is collected - so you can do this completely anonymously.

Welcome to Cited

Cited is the simplest way for Organisations to set up and deliver online training & inductions.  

All you need to do is email us a Powerpoint or MVP file with YOUR content and questions, and we'll do the rest. Cited enables you to;

  • Invite trainees by email or via a URL link
  • Track trainee progress
  • Be notified of trainee results by email
  • Compliance matrix and;
  • Set validity and renewal periods

Currently organisations from health & aged care, mining, manufacturing and telecomm's are training hundreds of people a day using the Cited online training. Book a demo today!

Need to induct Contractor workforces? Ask our team about our specialist capability.

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