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Want to be seen by companies looking for people with your specific industry experience and qualifications? That's Cited!

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Companies search for people with specific experience and qualifications in the Cited Network. Each time they perform a  search relevant to your profile - you get found as an anonymous profile. To start the recruitment process, they will send you a connection request for you to review and approve.

Stay connected and grow your network

As you accept more connection requests you will grow a network of industry connections. Every time you add or change your profile, they can see your updates. This includes your work availability and all records in your profile.

Stand out as 'work ready' for new opportunities

When a company has an opportunity and wants to collect any extra information from you, they may request access to stored copies of your certificates, licenses and other information such a reference check, police check or even a pre-employment medical check.

For experienced industry workers

Companies accessing the Cited Network are looking for Boilermakers, Fitters, Scaffolders, Riggers, Electricians, Carpenters, Labourers, Cleaners and over 100 different trade positions across the mining or oil and gas industries. 

This is your chance to be seen by companies that need people like you, and it's free!


Why Cited?

Because we have access to hundreds of mine sites and industry projects,  contracting companies and hiring managers that need your skills.

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