ICN is doing more to help you work with projects large and small

Since ICN started over 30 years ago, we have helped local suppliers find $30b worth of contracts by assisting organisations to break into new or expanding supply chains.

We understand that one of the major challenges of winning and delivering on those projects is ready access to a skilled workforce.  ICN NT is pleased to announce a new service to suppliers; access to the Cited Network.

ICN has partnered with industry workforce and talent pool software specialist; Cited to provide access to a skilled and highly credentialed workforce, many of whom reside right here in the Northern Territory.

Register and search the ICN Cited Network for free.

Find skilled workers fast

When you wish to access the skilled workforce, upgrade to the Essentials Plus package to connect with an unlimited number of applicants for immediate or future workforce needs.

Register and get found by employers for free.

Get found by employers 

Create a free profile in the ICN Cited Network to highlight your qualifications and industry experience. It is easy to use and helps connect you with employers for new work opportunities.  

Want more information?

Contact our representatives on 08 8922 9422 or email cited@icnnt.org.au

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Hire skilled people faster, with less recruitment costs


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cited Network?

Cited is a proof platform, capturing and verifying personal profile information and then facilitating the secure sharing of that information between an individual and an organisation.


The Cited Network is a place where individuals can decide to make their profiles “public” ie. searchable by verified organisations. An organisation can seek to, “connect” with a person and from that point on, until the individual decides otherwise, they have a live view of the profile and receive all updates and status changes.

How do people register to join the Cited Network?
Individuals with Cited profiles have the option to make their profile visible to organisations within the Cited Network. 

It's free for individuals to create a Cited profile and become visible in the Cited Network.
What types of skilled people can I source from the Cited Network?
We have over 100 skilled trades position types, however the network is expanding daily so if you have a specific need – let us know when you register.
What information is included in a worker profile?
In the initial search you will have access to location, qualifications, employment and mobilisation history, training and inductions. Once connected you will have access to personal contact details and be able to request copies of certifications.